Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tom Boy

    Alot of you don't know this about me but when I was younger I used to climb trees and run up walls with my brothers and sister and we would climb gates and lock each other in rooms until they would bang as hard as they could to be let out....I loved those days because it was a big part of growing up and now those precious memories are part of the reason why I love fashion.

   This sweat shirt is a men's sweat shirt and the details are in the back with a cream string criss-crossed from the back of the wrist, through the back of the arm, across the back, through the other arm, and into the other wrist.....Sounds like it is complicated but take a look and it will all make sense. The criss-crossed flapped harem pants that I am wearing are more of a relaxed fit that gives a great shape with the sweat shirt and boots.

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