Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lacora in Jeans?

    Whenever people see me in jeans they are always amazed, why? because majority of my wardrobe is anything other than jeans. I will wear sweatpants before I will consider wearing  jeans....But in this case these jeans were a must have. With no give and fitting exactly how the body is shaped, they hug and require extreme force when putting them on lol! The designer brand is Acne and this style is called needle print which specializes in slender fits, really tapered to the body. Although you can't tell from these photos but these jeans are high waisted kissing the navel. I wore this with a grey silk blouse which maintains a sleek silhouette. To top it off is the bag and the shoes...Let's start with the bag which is a leather saddle bag that is unique and one of a kind. With two fringe straps dangling on each side and braided along the perimeter of the bag and it is slanted on the outside as well as the inside....Cool huh? Then there is the shoes...As I was walking down the street heading to work heads began turning and then the compliments started to pour out....These shoes are made of leather and braided wicker...Talk about textures that compliment each other....Well if you think about it everything and everyone complimented this outfit lol.


Rachel K said...

You're one of the only women I love in jeans. Lovelovelove. (even if it is near impossible to find the right inseam!)


Wow...Dang...That's dope Rachel! Thanks!!!