Sunday, February 20, 2011

Model Sold Seperately

    The mood I felt on this day was very playful. I wanted a look that was very fun and inviting to people and this look became one interesting outfit to look at. Once I started shooting at this location and with this awesome truck behind me as an accessory, I automatically visioned toys, toys and more toys not to forget to mention that the truck behind me is a Stanley truck in which a lot of toys are manufactured by. So a fun outfit a fun shoot and a fun image is what I went for. When traveling to work on this day people instantly smiled and approached me to say that they really admire the colors and the way this outfit was put together. Some even asked to take pictures because in the winter months people often wear a lot of dark colors "like myself" so to see this 6 foot tall women in heels walking down the street against such a dark palette was like watching the world dressed in black and in slow motion the subject floating through the streets in very intense colors easily becomes uplifting for one to look at even in the situation where this look is done right!!!!!

Non Interactive

     This look comes across as anti-social or one who withdraws themselves from society completely. She is not really in the mood to engage herself with anyone who dares to approach her. If you were to ask her a question you would most likely get a long stare until she figures out a way to send the message to you that she is the wrong person to ask. With these garments away from the body in an intense manner this is one sign that she wants to push away from people around her and only reserve time for herself. Experimenting with different looks each day gives me the ability to discover why people are drawn to the representation that an image could reflect.


Friday, February 11, 2011

25 Degrees and Frost Bitten

      It was 25 degrees outside and got damn it..... YES,  I WAS COLD but could you tell?  the images look like it's about 75 degrees outside and it may seem like I just breezed right through this mini shoot but that was not the case. It took a whole lot of tissue wiping at the eyes and throwing the coat on one or two times to warm up but it just wasn't helping. From the images it may not seem like it is nothing to you but trust me this weather is not to be messed with and guess who tested it?


Out Back

    Again another one of my Tom boy numbers. I woke up this morning and absolutely felt like I didn't want to get out of bed because of all the running around I've been doing. It's hard to try to get everything done in one day but it is much easier when I am wearing and outfit that won't slow me down or make me uncomfortable. If I could wear pj's all day long and not be judged.. Lol,  I would do it. So this is the closest thing to it.


All Tired Out

   So after a hard day of work with everything moving at a fast paste, home is where I run to when I need peace, quite, and time to myself. With all of the business that we have been getting this year, I can just imagine what the summer months will be like. It's not like I have no idea how busy the store will get but it seems as though every year gets more and more intense with the foot traffic and heavy shopping action.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Proud Accomplishments

       I am usually and always proud of everything I do especially when it positively influence and motivates others. But man, appearing in Essence Magazine twice back to back issues just really put the icing on the cake. Not only appearing in both September and October issues but I made the street fashion photo gallery on the Essence website and that was an additional plus to my proud resume. Will I stop here? NO. Will I keep going? HELL YEAH! Being recognize from people who I have never met a day in my life from appearing in both issues is really inspiring and it also motivates me as well even though it was me who graced the pages of the magazine. I just want to remain as positive and as motivated and as inspiring as I can be because when I was younger there were people who I admire and I would dream and dream and dream until I said that "one day that will be me."


How Will You Get There?

      What will you give up to get to where you want to go in life? Is there someone or something in the way of your destination? Or does it feel like no matter how much you try it isn't enough? Everyday we try more and more to get a little closer to our life goals and destination or are we even trying hard enough? Whatever the case may be we should not let anyone or anything come in the way of our destination because having the love and the undying desire to become what we want should allow no one, I mean no one, even the ones we love to try to convince us that the road we choose should not be taken.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Posing a Threat

      O.K.... So...I was really feeling like I could rock the hell out of a  concert on this day. The only thing, was that I wasn't going to a concert. In fact, I really truly dress this way when going to work, and yes I am just that crazy enough to do so. It's like I didn't want to stop shooting but we had to come to a stop eventually. At times I believe that I am my biggest fan although there is a huge amount of people who really do adore my fashion sense. So guys this one is for you......... and for me too... Lol.


Sleeping Beauty

      Part of the reason why I enjoy going to work is because I can express myself and have fun at doing so. This lovely silk blouse gave me all of the reason why I should not only wear it as a blouse but consider wearing it as sleepwear. Huh, why not it definitely has the look. Maybe I will think about it when I wear it multiple times and it becomes worn out. WHO KNOWS!....