Sunday, May 29, 2011

OMG Those Shoes!!!!!

I again, logged onto the Topshop website and on the first page for their shoes....there they were!!! these Linen and orange extreme wedge shoes... I gasped and then I shook my laptop from which I was viewing the site from because I wanted them right away!!!

My experience wearing these shoes were unreal.....I was stopped a handful of times by people asking where these shoes were from? A women eating inside of a restaurant stop in the middle of her meal and scurried outside to ask me where I got these shoes?...Walking on the subway platform was like walking on the runway because people instantly glued their eyes to these shoes, along with a compliment. Lastly, people waiting in traffic enjoyed their time waiting because they wanted to see how one could walk in such amazing shoes.

Faux Romper

Create your own romper by pairing up shorts that are elongated in the midriff area with a tank top and in addition a belt to pull this look all together. Why spend money on rompers when you have a closet full of shorts and tanks that will make a perfect match....?



Sunday, May 15, 2011

As The Day Grows


                                                   Sometimes It Can Feel Like It Is All A Dream

You Look Like Amber Rose!!!!!

 You are probably wondering ....How often do I get that a day? VERY OFTEN!!! People tend to run across the street just to verify if I am her...They follow me into stores and stand in line and rotate around me just to verify if I am her.. They question what I do for a living...They ask where I am from...and they want to know if I work in the entertainment industry...they want to gain at least some information about me before they can go on with their day.


I must admit that these pants were so god damn comfortable and they had a snug fit that kissed the body. The booty was nice and secure!!!

If you look closely you will see that these pants are paneled with 100% suede!!

She's a Mural of Floral

 I often shop the thrift stores to see what great pieces I could find and I came cross this sheer floral blouse. It was only $2.oo and not to forget that they had buy one get one free....So which means if you buy a blouse you get a second one free. If you buy a dress you get a second one free....So on and so forth...Welp, lets just say that I bought out the whole damn store...I felt a little like M.J...... I want that and I want that there... oooooh I'll take that too LOL!! Which is part of the reason why I like shopping at thrift stores because you never know what you'll find. I am already a trained buyer so it comes with the territory.

Check out this bag.....It is a woman's face with two strands of hair falling slighty over her nose. It is stichted along the edges for more of a hand done effect. Pay attention to detail because that will assure quality.