Monday, November 21, 2011

Caribbean Immigrant

    My main goal was to go for layers, folds, and knots....and since lately I have been sporting the head-wraps, I figure that I would make it all work in my favor. After this look was completed and I took that final glance in the mirror, there was no doubt in my mind that this immigrant inspired look wasn't into play. Although, getting ready for work, shooting was not in the agenda...but I'm glad I did. 

Sometimes I think that I often post most of these photos just for the love of Art.
After observing this photo in particular it became a painting with a blurred subject dancing on this isolated strip of land.

As for that painting....This is a version in which this woman is running away from the painting she doesn't want to be part of. The colors signify distance between time.

New Jack City Inspired

    At times I often leave the house with no thought in mind when it comes to these wide ranges of outfits, but as the day goes on and I find myself walking past several mirrors, it is as if I'm slowly reminding my self about something, like a particular movie, or theme, or person. Eventually, it all comes together and I'll say to myself , "That's it!" This outfit gives me this type of feel, so on and so forth.

In the 80's Gold Jewelry was a must have. The thickness of the gold and how much you wore determined your economic status, and gold mostly stands out on black fabrics and alot of people who repted 80's fashion wore alot of was all about making a fashion statement.

Comfort and Ease

  I 've had this blouse from BCBGMaxazria for a while now and figured I'd wear it on a day wear I wanted to be comfortable. Our store is going through an expansion now so I figured that comfort was key since we have to lift and shove boxes around all day..... But this is not just any type of comfort is comfort with style....I'd rather look fashionable while straining, pulling, lifting, and throwing stuff around all day so here is just a glimpse of what I mean. 

14kt Gold Necklace and Gold Rings  

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Elongate Me

   Why not screw around with your proportions and have a little fun....I did just that with this elongated silk blouse originally from Neiman Marcus and retailing for $400 dollars....because I am a Buyer I get this blouse at a great deal. In addition, these extreme flare pants retails for $360 dollars and with the flow of this garment it adds so much character and grace to every move you make throughout the day. You might ask..."If I am already 6 feet tall, why elongate myself even more?" ehhhhh, well the answer is confidence!

Milk and Peanut Butter

     I often ask myself "why in the world would anyone not want to wear lighter colors especially whites, wheats, and creams in the fall???".....These purifying colors simply add youth to your appearance especially in your behavior....

Face the Facts

  If you are somewhere and you think that people aren't watching, observing or srutinizing your every move...well they are....As a young child my Mother always told me that when you want to adjust your pantyhoise out in public or pick your nose or even pull out that wedgy and you think that no one is looking, In fact, there is at least one person who is getting a thrill out of your unpaid entertainment...So be careful what you do out in public! There is always someone watching including this dress.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tom Boy

    Alot of you don't know this about me but when I was younger I used to climb trees and run up walls with my brothers and sister and we would climb gates and lock each other in rooms until they would bang as hard as they could to be let out....I loved those days because it was a big part of growing up and now those precious memories are part of the reason why I love fashion.

   This sweat shirt is a men's sweat shirt and the details are in the back with a cream string criss-crossed from the back of the wrist, through the back of the arm, across the back, through the other arm, and into the other wrist.....Sounds like it is complicated but take a look and it will all make sense. The criss-crossed flapped harem pants that I am wearing are more of a relaxed fit that gives a great shape with the sweat shirt and boots.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Gem Stone

  These exotic gem stone colors will automatically put you in a good mood.... This 100% silk blouse retails for over $200 dollars and is sold at Barney's the color is very electrifying and adds a glow to the skin. It's very draped and flowy and when paired with a pair of draped and flowy harem pants it becomes an interesting silhouette.

Peuter shield ring and Asian man's face ring