Sunday, March 27, 2011

Textures and Layers

  Have you ever had one of those popsicles that comes in 3 layers and in different colors? Juicy right? I love those and still do till this day, well this is what this ensemble reminds me of. The colors are fun and inviting and then to grasp your attention even more, there is the textures, the fur, the fringe, and the sequins. Why not have fun when you look the part???????????????

              Vintage Sunglasses~ Rabbit Fur Shrug~L.K.Collection Halted Top~Sequins Pants By Topshop   
                                                             (Unique)~Shoes by Steve Madden


Strip Her Down


Color Lover

    Sometimes I amaze myself when I see the outcome of any type of work I do whether it being big or small. Colors is a universal form of "artistic language" that majority of us has seen or witnessed. Whenever your eyes are awaken and you can feel your pupils expanding, the vision that you are gazing upon transfers to your brain and then that is when the communication begans. When I say communication, I mean from the eyes to the brain and from the brain to a signal that either tells us that something we are visioning is "pleasing" or "unpleasing."


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Is Near

      Upon arrival, spring skims the top surface of our skin and leaves to only return when the time is right.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fashion Week/Behind The Scenes/Meet and Greet

    This dress that I am wearing is a $300 dress by Christopher Kane for Topshop from their runway line. Again this is another one of my own dresses I decided to wear after the runway show and the necklace adds a more cultural, art deco, feel to this ensemble.

I am in Carmelita Couture

I think that there is SUCCESS in these pockets 

Sylvia in Carmelita Couture

      After the show I change into something that I already own. This Dress is by 72 Changes and the racoon fur jacket is by Lord and Taylor. The shoes are by Pour La Victoire and I am also wearing a leather spiked bracelet.

It's All Details


Consider It An Art


             What can I say? I wanted to be laced in nothing but all leather. Felt sexy and on the dark side.