Sunday, June 19, 2011

Topshop Again???

   Yes here we go again... These shoes instantly took my breath away while shopping a while back in March for some amazing gifts to myself for my birthday. While strolling up and down broadway in N.Y.C, I decided to stop in Topshop to see what I will be amazed by and on their very top floor there they were... I felt like a predator who was going after their prey because after I made contact with these beautiful shoes I picked them up and instantly did a 360 degree circle to see if I could find a salesperson to get them in my size. I got a little worried while waiting for the salesman to come out with the shoes because he took a long time... which could indicate that they were possibly all out!!  Here he comes out with the box and with my exact size... At last my B-day wish comes true!!!!  

Yes, I really did wear these heels to work for 5 hours and 3 minutes to be exact. Oh...and don't forget that I am my own Photographer for all of my shoots including this post... I figured I would throw that in there cause a lot of people always ask who is the photographer??.....ME!!!!! These shots are really amazing!



A Stroll With Beauty

  To bare skin on the top portion of your body especially when the cleavage has a slight dip in it... you should probably keep the bottom portion of your body as modest as possible.. It is o.k. to feel extremely sexy but you have to know your limits. Flirtatious, sexy, fun, might as well say that I felt all of the above with this bustier top that sort of  has a Katy Perry feel to it!!!

A Whimsical Story

  I wonder if the designer of this blouse had "dance" in mind as an inspiration for the way this blouse was constructed. Just putting the blouse on was quite a matter of fact...ironing the blouse alone just had me mind boggled.... I wonder if the designer studied geometry lol; because finding the right angles alone would be a challenge especially when you have to keep in mind that someone will actually have to to wear such a garment.

Taking Time Out

 Sometimes, in the mist of all the running around that we do we become overwhelmed by the fast moving paste of everyone around us. We forget to take time out to take a walk, sit and think, or even just simply relax, and when I say relax I mean pull out a good blanket and just indulge in a quiet room and silently meditate.... meditate away from noise, drama and chaos... It shouldn't be a storm following you everywhere you go...only on the days when it is actually storming outside.