Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tribal Influenced

    It was burning up, hot, and heated on this day so to avoid clothing fusing to my body I decided to go for lose and draped fabrics but turn up the intensity with the colors. These 100% silk pants from Diane Von Furstenberg were electrifying in color giving this outfit a stunning appearance. As for the  Marc Jacobs shoes, I think that I want to own everything that man manufactures. I'm truly a Marc Jacobs supporter....

Florida Ready

  Well what can I say? I guess I'm tied to Florida in this ensemble. Florals, pastels, lightweight fabrics are what this beauty loves....Oh! and let's not forget that sexy, sultry, hot, weather....Yessssss.


  Oh how I love this dress... This dress from Freepeople became the love of my life...or almost the love of my life when I laid eyes on this. With the bell sleeves making a come back into the fashion scene I thought that this would be the perfect example for an ultimate advantage to add this to my wardrobe....


These Faryl Robin wedges were the most comfortable and sexiest shoes one could own....

The Highlight of My Day

As for this outfit, I attended one of many meetings on this day to present and discuss fashion. I always enjoy presenting at meetings especially when it involves a trend or subject that I find myself mostly drawn to.