Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tom Boy

    Alot of you don't know this about me but when I was younger I used to climb trees and run up walls with my brothers and sister and we would climb gates and lock each other in rooms until they would bang as hard as they could to be let out....I loved those days because it was a big part of growing up and now those precious memories are part of the reason why I love fashion.

   This sweat shirt is a men's sweat shirt and the details are in the back with a cream string criss-crossed from the back of the wrist, through the back of the arm, across the back, through the other arm, and into the other wrist.....Sounds like it is complicated but take a look and it will all make sense. The criss-crossed flapped harem pants that I am wearing are more of a relaxed fit that gives a great shape with the sweat shirt and boots.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Gem Stone

  These exotic gem stone colors will automatically put you in a good mood.... This 100% silk blouse retails for over $200 dollars and is sold at Barney's the color is very electrifying and adds a glow to the skin. It's very draped and flowy and when paired with a pair of draped and flowy harem pants it becomes an interesting silhouette.

Peuter shield ring and Asian man's face ring

Fall Palette

   Amazingly, while walking out of the house and ready to shoot, I turned a corner just a few blocks from my house and there it was....this location took my breath away....because it compliments this outfit in such away that even I couldn't understand. If you notice the grey fringe cardigan sweater that I am wearing and if you look at the background of this distressed door behind me, the door mimics the fringe cardigan and the turquoise necklace....let alone the colors of the outfit and the colors of this beautiful door behind me.....and to top it off the spicy orange hair is quite the focal point....every where you go you will learn that the expression of art can simply suck you in......

Frye Backpack

Mexican Inspired

  Oh how I love the Mexican culture, including the food especially those that consist of alot of spices...This dress from Bebe is very sexy and colorful, and full of personality....This billowy texture adds so much grace when walking down the busy downtown streets.....Now add this with some mauve colored thigh-high boots and you are pretty much on your way to a cat-calling day lol!!!! Go head guys, whistle while you work!!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


    This clean ensemble required for me to be very careful while shooting on this day....I didn't want to get dirty or smudge this look before my day was done. My love for fashion is unreal and it is just a gift that I have been blessed with and with that gift....All I want to do is share it and educate others on what I learned throughout the years... I try to make it my duty to shoot every outfit before heading to work so here it is....

This sweater by Gypsy is so comfortable...and please don't think that I am crazy when I say this but I dreamt about this sweater after I saw it for the first time...and long behold it is now being featured on this blog. These confederacy short heeled boots are by A.P.C. and they were $338.00. The quality and suede alone will last for years to come... As seen in the photos below, they are paired with this neutral palette to give more of an uplifting look.


     Many people are afraid of contrasting.... Some of you may ask, what exactly is contrasting... There are many meanings behind the word contrasting, but in this case it is mixing prints in it's extremity. This beautiful Topshop blouse I am wearing is a creme sheer blouse with black peacots...Very feminine and draped in all the right places, and it is paired with these black and grey harem pants by Religion. Together these two are a work of art. Uhhhh, three that is lol!

Swinging on a vine, mango.......

Lacora in Jeans?

    Whenever people see me in jeans they are always amazed, why? because majority of my wardrobe is anything other than jeans. I will wear sweatpants before I will consider wearing  jeans....But in this case these jeans were a must have. With no give and fitting exactly how the body is shaped, they hug and require extreme force when putting them on lol! The designer brand is Acne and this style is called needle print which specializes in slender fits, really tapered to the body. Although you can't tell from these photos but these jeans are high waisted kissing the navel. I wore this with a grey silk blouse which maintains a sleek silhouette. To top it off is the bag and the shoes...Let's start with the bag which is a leather saddle bag that is unique and one of a kind. With two fringe straps dangling on each side and braided along the perimeter of the bag and it is slanted on the outside as well as the inside....Cool huh? Then there is the shoes...As I was walking down the street heading to work heads began turning and then the compliments started to pour out....These shoes are made of leather and braided wicker...Talk about textures that compliment each other....Well if you think about it everything and everyone complimented this outfit lol.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


     Gothic doesn't necessarily mean that you have to wear all black. I felt that I would add a little dimension with the sheer pants under this dress.. Some would probably wear this by itself but what the hell. Why not make your style stand out and speak so many words... The bottom of this dress is angled and most garments that are like this usually reflects one of the Gothic era besides it's trademark color "black"... The shoulders of this dress is angled to draw attention to the details of the neck and head area with it's micro collar....see? take a look.