Sunday, October 16, 2011


    This clean ensemble required for me to be very careful while shooting on this day....I didn't want to get dirty or smudge this look before my day was done. My love for fashion is unreal and it is just a gift that I have been blessed with and with that gift....All I want to do is share it and educate others on what I learned throughout the years... I try to make it my duty to shoot every outfit before heading to work so here it is....

This sweater by Gypsy is so comfortable...and please don't think that I am crazy when I say this but I dreamt about this sweater after I saw it for the first time...and long behold it is now being featured on this blog. These confederacy short heeled boots are by A.P.C. and they were $338.00. The quality and suede alone will last for years to come... As seen in the photos below, they are paired with this neutral palette to give more of an uplifting look.

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