Sunday, January 23, 2011

Black and Basic

  On this morning while getting ready for work, I simply wanted to wear an outfit that would allow me to move around freely without garments pulling, tugging, or scratching at my skin. So while looking through my closet that idea was not hard to find however, I began pulling items out and amazingly these two pieces were the first to be pulled. My mood on this day was to feel breezy, airy, comfy, and still look presentable and I think all went as planned. On any given day, feeling good means looking good, and man; that sure was the case when I stepped outside that afternoon.


Again, another day of just wanting to feel comfortable but with a little bad girl inside of that image. I was so comfy on this day that I could probably play a couple rounds of basketball and not be annoyed by the  garments tormenting my skin.


 What mood are you in? That is what I ask myself every day no matter where I'm heading to. First, I piece together images in my head then......., Well....., I' ll let you see what I envisioned.


    I simply fell in love with this dress while shopping in N.Y.C a while back. This dress is meant to have a relaxed fit against the body not too tight but not to big where it can seem as if one would be swallowed in such a garment. In addition, accessories are done to a minimum to make the dress more of a focal point. All I can say, is that the fun thing about wearing dresses is that you spend less time piecing together an outfit and that all you really need to worry about is how you are going to accessorize.

I think that I will always devour the expression of art  no matter what the age.
-Feeling good means looking good-

Make Fashion your focal point


European-Style Biker Chick

     All I needed was a fast motorcycle and about 60 side kicks to compliment this image. I am gravitating towards the European Biker look with the shaved head, long legs and torso with a great pair of boots. This look is done with a relaxed silk blouse that is paneled along the front and center adding focus to the mid-section with the front of the blouse being short in the front and long in the back. Also, the pants are paneled as well. I can't forget these awesome Vera Wang (Lavender) biker boots.  THESE BOOTS ARE KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it's either you are going to ride with me or die.