Sunday, June 19, 2011

Topshop Again???

   Yes here we go again... These shoes instantly took my breath away while shopping a while back in March for some amazing gifts to myself for my birthday. While strolling up and down broadway in N.Y.C, I decided to stop in Topshop to see what I will be amazed by and on their very top floor there they were... I felt like a predator who was going after their prey because after I made contact with these beautiful shoes I picked them up and instantly did a 360 degree circle to see if I could find a salesperson to get them in my size. I got a little worried while waiting for the salesman to come out with the shoes because he took a long time... which could indicate that they were possibly all out!!  Here he comes out with the box and with my exact size... At last my B-day wish comes true!!!!  

Yes, I really did wear these heels to work for 5 hours and 3 minutes to be exact. Oh...and don't forget that I am my own Photographer for all of my shoots including this post... I figured I would throw that in there cause a lot of people always ask who is the photographer??.....ME!!!!! These shots are really amazing!

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