Sunday, March 27, 2011

Textures and Layers

  Have you ever had one of those popsicles that comes in 3 layers and in different colors? Juicy right? I love those and still do till this day, well this is what this ensemble reminds me of. The colors are fun and inviting and then to grasp your attention even more, there is the textures, the fur, the fringe, and the sequins. Why not have fun when you look the part???????????????

              Vintage Sunglasses~ Rabbit Fur Shrug~L.K.Collection Halted Top~Sequins Pants By Topshop   
                                                             (Unique)~Shoes by Steve Madden



Dominique said...

LOVE the layering, textures and colors. We need to do a photo shoot soon!


We are going to make this Happen!!