Sunday, May 29, 2011

OMG Those Shoes!!!!!

I again, logged onto the Topshop website and on the first page for their shoes....there they were!!! these Linen and orange extreme wedge shoes... I gasped and then I shook my laptop from which I was viewing the site from because I wanted them right away!!!

My experience wearing these shoes were unreal.....I was stopped a handful of times by people asking where these shoes were from? A women eating inside of a restaurant stop in the middle of her meal and scurried outside to ask me where I got these shoes?...Walking on the subway platform was like walking on the runway because people instantly glued their eyes to these shoes, along with a compliment. Lastly, people waiting in traffic enjoyed their time waiting because they wanted to see how one could walk in such amazing shoes.


Cali Shabazz said...

WOW!! I am in loooove with them!! They are so chic!


Thanks Cali!! Yeah these are one of my favorite shoes I own as of right now!!!