Monday, February 7, 2011

Proud Accomplishments

       I am usually and always proud of everything I do especially when it positively influence and motivates others. But man, appearing in Essence Magazine twice back to back issues just really put the icing on the cake. Not only appearing in both September and October issues but I made the street fashion photo gallery on the Essence website and that was an additional plus to my proud resume. Will I stop here? NO. Will I keep going? HELL YEAH! Being recognize from people who I have never met a day in my life from appearing in both issues is really inspiring and it also motivates me as well even though it was me who graced the pages of the magazine. I just want to remain as positive and as motivated and as inspiring as I can be because when I was younger there were people who I admire and I would dream and dream and dream until I said that "one day that will be me."


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