Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gettin' Cream

   Neutrals, creams and nude colors seem to be the It colors for this season. Majority of my wardrobe is darkened by one of the most famous monotone colors there is.... Black. Which can give off a sleek, slender, presence. Whereas on the other hand, neutral colors have their way of being more inviting and uplifting to look at..... At least in my opinion. I felt very vibrant as if I had a halo follow me while walking in the 75% weather. The reflection from the cream against the sun creates a glow like no other. I must admit the only thing I don't enjoy is having to keep this outfit from attracting dirt. So I had to be careful where I lay the cream. Lol!


These extreme wedged shoes from Topshop have been on my mind for the longest. One night while surfing their online store I came across these amazing wedges. As soon as I laid my eyes on them I instantly let out a slight gasp. As I logged off their online site without making a purchase, I still had them on my mind....I am typically not an online shopper because I am that person that needs to actually try on the clothing and make contact with the clothing to see how it fit and feels on the body. But after strict judgement...I guess they were calling me after all. 

This 100% Leather Hand bag by Bulga is such a beauty. When I purchased this bag it still had the price tag of $710 dollars nicely tucked in the pocket of the bag.. Well, that is not what I paid for it..In fact I paid $85 dollars for this baby and the construction and workmanship on this bag is simply amazing. The inside of the bag is as beautiful as the outside....Now that's when you know something is of good quality.

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